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Pepe jeans
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Pepe Jeans : 100% denim
Founded in 1973 by three brothers, Pepe jeans was originally a small jeans shop located in West London. Thanks to the quality materials and audacious cuts, the brand found almost immediate success. Symbolic for the denim generation, they advocate a young fashion style with a touch of rebellion thrown in.  Pepe jeans has continued to conquer Europe from the 1980s to is now distributed in over 60 countries around the world.

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Pepe Jeans, Clothing and Shoes on

Pepe Jeans : 100% London

Created more than 33 years ago now on the streets of London, the brand Pepe Jeans was first known for their quality jeans. Using their immediate success as a springboard, the brand launched the creation of all types of clothing as well as shoes for men and women , all while keeping the young, rebellious spirit of their collections.

Modern, quality clothing

The ready-to-wear brand Pepe Jeans is known the world over thanks to the popularity of their flagship items. They have designed women's clothing with very feminine cuts like their dresses, tunics or their famous jeans. The brand is also very careful to choose quality materials for their men's clothing like shirts or coats.

Shoes available on

The brand put all their acquired expertise from their jeans into the creation of a collection of quality shoes with an elegant, daring style. Find the entire collection on and benefit from the sales and private sales to treat yourself at lowprices. Do you love the style of Pepe jeans? Well you'll probably like the brands G Starand Kaporal as well. 



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