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Lollipops x Spartoo
Lollipops x Spartoo

This spring, Spartoo & Lollipops are joining forces to create three collector's items.

A bold collaboration

When Lollipop, a pop style and assertive brand, fuses with Spartoo, a multi-style online store, this gives rise to total creation flexibility and an endless stream of possibilities! What better than crazy noughties' fashion trends to illustrate this risk-taking collaboration.

Lollipops x Spartoo BRITNEY 79,00 €
Lollipops x Spartoo CHRISTINA 79,00 €

It's a time when anything is possible

A legacy of 80s and 90s trends, noughties' fashion was all about risk taking. You could get away with anything: crop tops, dungarees, two piece outfits, bandanas, colourful platform shoes, prints, sequins... truly legendary styles for a legendary decade.
And as fashion is, afterall, an eternal cycle, why not dive back 20 years in the past just as we're entering into the 20s?

Bandana, Tie & Dye & Denim

Lollipops & Spartoo offers you the best of that decade. Discover our legendary red bandana - an item which made its transition from the nineties - adourned with a Lollipops logo topstitch. We also have a second bandana in tie & dye - a truly vintage print! And to finish off in style, discover the famous denim handbag, a throwback to the denim look that was characteristic of that decade.

Lollipops x Spartoo JUSTIN 79,00 €
Lollipops x Spartoo Lollipops x Spartoo Lollipops x Spartoo

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