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When March rhymes with Women's Month
WOMAN: amazing, beautiful, courageous, confident, inspirational, passionate, persistent, intelligent, strong, promising, and so much more ...
This March, Spartoo has decided to highlight women through four iconic brands. The opportunity to discover four styles and universes to please you, let your desires speak for themselves and express your personality.
“There is no limit to what we can accomplish as women. Michelle Obama.
Betty London
Boho girl
Like all great fashion stories, the tale of the Betty London brand began with a meeting: the meeting of French bohemian spirit and British charm. In 2007, a young designer from Paris went to conquer London and forge her way in the fashion capital. Influenced by the people she met and the time spent there, a seed was planted in her mind: the idea of mixing the refined elegance of London with casual Parisian sophistication, which she masters perfectly. She began to design a line of clothing that is full of modern style and strong statement pieces, complete with a collection of bags and shoes. Helen took the time to expertly allow her project mature, giving her the time to travel all over Europe in search of the best manufacturers of clothing and leather goods. The first Betty London collection was finally released in 2014, the result of the hard work of one woman, for all women. Always at the forefront of style and the latest trends, the Betty London brand knows what urban women want: collections that are feminine, sophisticated and casual, designed with quality materials, and made in Europe.
JB Martin
Working woman

Founded in 1921, in Fougères in Ille-et-Vilaine, one of the historical cradles of shoe manufacturing in France, the JB MARTIN house has since its creation embodied the alliance of shoemaking know-how and creativity at the service of elegance.

Through a signature combining purity, sensuality, graphic details and timeless refinement, JB Martin has never ceased to promote, since its creation, the culture of beautiful shoes combining style and quality.

Proud of its roots while being resolutely turned towards the future, the JB Martin brand draws on its precious heritage to constantly renew itself in order to provide each woman with all the care of a shoemaker's expertise.

Thus, beyond a story of allure, JB Martin perpetuates an optimistic way of life imbued with values that accompany the lives of todays women: free and in perpetual motion.

Dream in Green
Ethical woman
In today's world where saving the environment and fighting against pollution is on everyone's mind, a seed was sown: Dream in Green. This seed is the answer of a young entrepeneur who, in 2007, unable to find on the shoe market a brand which could combine both fashion and responsibility, decided to simply create it. Dream in Green is a simple idea: to propose stylish designs while rigorously respecting environmental norms. That's how this great collection for men and women was designed, as well as a stylish handbag collection. The majority of the items are made in Europe using natural materials, many made from recycled materials. The leathers chosen do not contain any chrome and they have been treated using vegetable-based tanning, reducing impact on the environment and removing allergens. Dream in Green embodies commitment to the environment.
Refined woman
The sound of high heels on a marble floor, the rustling of a precious material, the elegant sparkle of a rare stone... That's the soul of Fericelli. This brand with the Italian name was created by a young fashion designer named Suli, whose expertise in working with quality leather and high heels can be seen in her creations. Equipped with the knowledge she acquired in Milan during her studies, she knew how to flirt with the world of luxury and its fashion codes. At Fericelli, the women's shoe is precious and delicate: high-end stiletto heels and gorgeous ankle boots at the absolute height of luxury fashion.
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