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Calvin Klein Jeans
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Calvin Klein pays tribute to casual chic
Initiated to design and couture at a young age, Calvin Klein created his business in 1968. His collections were immediately noticed for their elegance, simplicity and modernity. First know for his line of lingerie, the house of Calvin Klein soon grew to propose clothing, watches, perfumes, and leather accessories. By adopting from the beginning a glamorous and provocative image, naturally this brand is extremely adaptable!

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Shoes Women Sandals Calvin Klein Jeans FANCY Black

Calvin Klein Jeans

176,00 €      140,80 €
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Shoes Women Sandals Calvin Klein Jeans FANCY Black
Calvin Klein Jeans

176,00 €      140,80 €


Calvin Klein Shoes, Clothes & Bags on Spartoo UK

Simple luxury

Clavin Klein is without a doubt one of the most well known fashion brands of its generation, with the motto simple luxury and elegance . Founded New York in the 70s, the brand has never gone out of style and is still holds record popularity today. What makes them original are the classic designs of their pieces, whether it's clothing, bags or even shoes.


Simple and elegant, yes, but to be remembered, the brand has used provocative advertising campaigns with nude models wearing just jeans or a simple T-shirt and boxer shorts. The ads worked, and Calvin Klein is still firmly implanted in our collective memories.

Timeless pieces

From monogrammed handbags to man bags, from T-shirts to sporty puffer coats, Calvin Klein has created timeless collections season after season that never go out of style. Trends of yesterday, today and tomorrow, we can be sure of Calvin Klein to keep us in style. From high heels to urban men's trainers, the brand has everything to seduce us.

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