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What is is the story of three friends who are fans of shoes and the Internet. Boris, Paul and Jérémie, freshly graduated, dream of creating their own company, the one that reflects who they are. After much reflection, they decided to open their own online shoe store. They embarked on the adventure in 2006 and created in reference to spartans, ancient rudimentary leather sandals and the city of Sparta, one of the most powerful cities in ancient Greece. They mischievously added the two "O's" that mark the Internet's greatest success stories: gOOgle, yahOO, kelkOO...

This is how Spartoo came into being on August 16, 2006. In 2009, Spartoo launched its international operations and developed versions of the site in other languages. Today, more than 20 nationalities are represented in our call centre, and some sixty employees work to ensure customer satisfaction from our headquarters in Grenoble. In 2015, Spartoo reached a new milestone, by opening its first physical shop. Since then, the development of the retail park has continued its strong growth.

The enthusiasm of the " band of three ", the quality of the project and its uniqueness seduce over-motivated teams, investors, brands and service providers, all of whom have been drawn into this formidable adventure.

Our Team

The growth of the Spartoo teams has been as fast as its turnover. If they were less than a dozen employees at its launch, they are now more than 400, including 230 based at the headquarters in Grenoble, in the heart of the Alps capital! For more than 15 years now, our teams have been participating in a company project in which each employee is involved and is invited to share his or her ideas, innovate, create and reinvent his or her job.

"Meet and get to know, originally created by three friends that love shoes and the internet"


    • Over 400 employees
    • A warehouse of 30,000m²
    • Present in more than 25 countries including France, Germany, England, Italy, and Spain.
    • Almost 3500 brands and 300,000 models
  • Over 14 million unique visitors per month throughout Europe
  • Over 14 million unique visitors per month throughout Europe
  • Funded up to 45 million Euros by French investment banks (A Plus Finance and CM-CIC Capital Privé), European (Endeavour Vision and Sofina) and American (Highland Capital Partners) investment banks
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