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Data Protection Policy

1The collecting of personal information

When you create your client account and place an order on the site (hereinafter referred to as the Site), SPARTOO SAS collects personal data about you. All data collected is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purpose of treatment (points 2 and 3). The responsible party for the collection of this data is the company SPARTOO SAS, a joint stock company registered with the RCS Grenoble under the number 489 895 821, whose office is located at 16 rue Henri Barbusse 38100 Grenoble (hereafter known as : SPARTOO). The term "personal data" refers to any data that identifies an individual including name, phone number, date of birth, email address, postal address, IP address and any other information that you choose to communicate to SPARTOO about yourself. To fight against fraud (examples listed below under points 2 and 3), SPARTOO is also likely to temporarily retain information relating to transactions on the Site.

2The purpose of collection personal information

Your personal data is collection only for determined, explicit and legitimate purposes to answer one or more of the following :
(I)manage your orders on the site,
(II)develop business statistics, conduct market and behavior studies,
(III)build and manage sales leads, including particularly technical operations such as standardisation, optimisation and duplication,
(IV)perform customer management operations,
(V)select customers for sales leads or promotions,
(VI)send promotional information from SPARTOO. You can unsubscribe at any time to these offers by clicking on the link provided for this purpose at the bottom of the email concerned,
(VII)comply with our legal and regulatory obligations,
(VIII)fight against fraud in the conditions defined below in point 3.

3Fighting against fraud

To protect against fraud, SPARTOO has installed a device which selects certain orders. If your order has been selected, one of the following may arise:
(I)You may be asked, in order to complete the transaction, to provide certain pieces of identity or documentation following payment.
(II)Your order may be cancelled if your customer account has already been used to commit fraud.
(III)Certain personal data to be provided to legal authorities on their request.

4Recipients of collection information

Only our company and our contracted partners for order processing have access to the information you provide us. The categories of persons who have access to your personal data in SPARTOO are within the limits of their respective duties, the sales department, administrative services, technical services and monitoring agencies (auditor, internal quality control procedures, etc). Recipients of your personal information may also include public bodies in order to meet legal obligations such as court officers, public officers and debt collection agencies.

5Retention time of personal information

The information that we collect is stored for time starting from the last transaction you have placed on the Site, or from the last update to your customer account. Some of your bank details, for instance the truncated account numbers and expiry dates on bank cards will be kept during thirteen months for anti fraud procedures. As part of the Premium service, you can consent to the retention of truncated bank card numbers and their validity dates for a period of thirteen months from the last transaction you made on the Site or last update day of your customer account. This consent is expressed when you check the "Remember" box. You may subsequently withdraw your consent to this retention at any time by giving the same notice. In the absence of a new transaction or update of your customer account during the five-year period, the data concerning you will be deleted automatically.


Every precaution is taken to protect the security of your personal information and particularly, to prevent it from being distorted, damaged or that unauthorised parties have access to it. Encryption and anonymization are two protection methods used.


To better serve you, we measure the number of pages viewed, the number of visits, as well as the frequency of returning visitor activity on the site. For this purpose, we use a technology called "cookies." A cookie does not allow us to identify you. Generally, it records information about the navigation of your computer on our site (the pages you visited, the date and time of visit, etc.) that we can consult during your subsequent visits.
Data collected by cookies is solely and strictly for internal use and will not be passed to third parties. The use of cookies, whether ours or a third party, which are not required to operate the site will require express consent from yourself. You can give your consent or object to use the cookies by configuring your browser appropriately. Refer to the user's guide for your browser to do this.
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By clicking on Continue when creating your customer account, it is expressly stated that 'when you sign up, you accept our data protection policy and will benefit from all our exclusive deals'. When you choose to communicate your personal information to the site and click Continue, you expressly give your consent to the collection and use of your personal information in compliance with what has been stated in this charter and current laws, as stipulated according to section 4 of the above.

9Right of Access and Rectification

In accordance with the EU 2016/679 regulation, you have the right :
- to access
- to rectify
- to erasure
- to restriction of processing
- to data portability
- to object
Your rights to access, rectification and erasure can be exercised by logging into your customer accout; you can modify the data yourself directly there. Your rights to restriction of processing, data portability and object can be exercised by contacting:
by email: to
by post: to SPARTOO SAS, 16 rue Henri Barbusse 38100 Grenoble
The customer can, if necessary, place a complaint via a supervisory authority.

11Right to access and rectification

In accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679, you have many rights, namely:

- The right to access, modify, rectify and delete information about yourself.
- The right to request the portability of this information.
- The possibility to object to the processing of your personal information or to request to restrict the processing of your personal information in certain cases.

You can send your requests to:
- by e-mail: at
- by post: SPARTOO SAS – DPO - 16 rue Henri Barbusse 38 100 Grenoble

12Right to file a claim with the relevant authority

You also have the right to file a claim with the CNIL:

13Changes to the personal data protection policy

This privacy policy is subject to change, particularly in accordance with changes in legislation and regulations.

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