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Snipe : shoes as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside
Snipe is authentic. Snipe is different. Snipe is eco-friendly. With their designs, the brand aims to design products in unique materials and timeless styles. Durability and long-lasting qualities are also a central, even a fundamental notion to keep in mind in our throw-away culture. Founded in 1982 by Ernesto Segarra, this Spanish brand modernises classic shoes by conserving their visual style and giving them beautiful interiors. Quality materials and unbelievable comfort are guaranteed with each pair of Snipe shoes.

Shoes Snipe

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Shoes Men Mid boots Snipe DESIARTO 18 Black

Desiarto 18

158,03 €      126,42 €
Available sizes
Shoes Men Mid boots Snipe DESIARTO 18 Black
Desiarto 18

158,03 €      126,42 €


Snipe Shoes

An environmentally friendly approach

The chaussures Snipe brand was built around one concept which was to offer designs for men and for women who wish to be environementally friendly. Manufacturing shoes in using sustainable materials is a responsible and daring step for the brand to take.

Wearable designs

These Snipeshoes make a point of making their designs practical and comfortable for the benefit of the wearers. Boat shoes, booties or trainers are perfect for adding that finishing touch to make your outfits casual yet stylish.

Quality and excellence

Thanks to a choice of raw materials and high quality leathers cuirs Snipe designs are of an unbelievable quality. The shoes are resistant and sturdy and offer good value for money! Come and discover this brand on our website: Spartoo.

Quality and Excellence

Thanks to a choice of raw materials and quality leathers leathers, Snipe designs offer unbelievable quality. In particular, the shoes are sturdy and resistant and therefore, value for money! Come and discover this brand on Spartoo.

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