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Bags Messenger bags Katana  Brown

30,00 €
Product reference: 11346022
With Katana, you've got everything you need! This great bag has really caught our eye this season. A must have this season! 1 completes this piece.
  • Height : 29.0cm
  • Width : 38.0cm
  • Depth : 9.0cm
  • Volume : 9.9l
  • Weight : 480g
  • Information
    Outer specificities :
       Compatible for A4 paper
    Handles :
       Adjustable handles/straps
    Outside pockets :
       Outside pockets with zipper : 1
    Inside pockets :
       Interior zipped pockets : 2
       Flat pocket for mobile phone : 1
       Interior pockets without closure : 1
       Number of compartments : 1
    Closure :
       Metal closure clip
       Flap closure
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